things that are awesome


Scarecrows with personality.

A stretch of autumn days that are sunny and warm. 

Hearing this song on the radio on the above mentioned kind of day.

Learning that Zach Braff has another movie in the works.  I'm so excited about this.  I loved Garden State...the movie and the soundtrack.  I often crave the scream scene.


Colorful zinnias still going strong.

This book and this book by Steven Pressfield.  They changed the way I think about and live my life.

This story by Robert Brault.  It helps me to appreciate the depth of our connection.

My son waving to me from the bus window two mornings in a row.  I've been waving and blowing kisses at the bus window for three years now to either just a look, a look past me, or no look at all.  It was a little surreal and it busted my heart wide open. 

What are some of the awesome thing going on in your life?