a comfortable silence


I always forget how good this time of year can be for thinking.  How the cool breezes and the graceful drift of falling leaves can be hypnotic, wrapping you in a warm blanket of your own thoughts.  Shifting into neutral used to frustrate the hell out of me.  I didn't know how to be idle or find comfort in a comfortable silence, but I'm better at it now.  I've learned how to let silence take over without feeling the guilt that it needs to be anything more.

I can't say how I came to this conclusion, whether it was a survival technique or maturity or whatever, but finding peace with my thoughts was more of an aduh moment than an aha moment, like looking frantically for your cell phone while your talking on it.

Be here.  Be present.  Wherever you are, be there.  - Willie Nelson

My word to focus on this year was "here".  So, I just wanted to let you know...if I'm not here, I'm allowing myself to be "here" somewhere...wherever that is.